Boruto Anime Part 2 Release Date Gets New Update

Boruto Anime Part 2 Release Date

Fans of the Boruto anime series have received disappointing news about the release of Boruto Anime Part 2. According to some sources, the new episodes might not hit our screens until 2027 or 2028. This delay has left many fans feeling frustrated and impatient.

Speculations and Rumors

Recently, a person who often leaks insider information shared on social media that Boruto Anime Part 2 could be delayed until the late 2020s. They also mentioned that if the Boruto team tries to release it earlier, the quality might suffer. There’s talk that if things don’t change, Boruto might come back as a seasonal anime, which would be a big project for Studio Pierrot.

Unconfirmed Information

It’s important to note that this information isn’t confirmed by official sources. While some people believe this leaker because they’ve been right before, others are unsure. We don’t have much information about this person, unlike other well-known leakers.

What Studio Pierrot Says

When we looked into it, an interview with Studio Pierrot’s director mainly talked about the studio’s financial plans, not Boruto’s future. But the director did talk about how studios nowadays care more about making high-quality animations, even if they’re not long series.

Disappointment Among Fans

Fans were expecting Boruto Anime Part 2 to come sooner, especially since it was announced almost a year ago. Now, waiting until 2027 or 2028 feels like too long, especially with the manga releasing new chapters only once a month.

What We Know About the Manga and Anime

The manga has 87 chapters, and the anime has covered up to chapter 67. That means there are still 20 chapters left to adapt. But fans are worried about the number of filler episodes, which were a problem in the first part of the series.

Looking Ahead

For now, we can only wait for official announcements about Boruto Anime Part 2 release date. Fans should stay tuned for updates from reliable sources and official announcements. Let’s hope for the best as we wait for Boruto’s next adventure!

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