Boruto Chapter 82 Spoilers: Boruto’s New Power and a Showdown with Code!

Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers

Boruto fans, get ready for some exciting news! While the official release date for Boruto Chapter 82 is set for September 21, 2023, the internet is already buzzing with spoilers for the highly anticipated new chapter. In this article, we will delve into the thrilling details of what’s to come in Boruto Chapter 82, titled “Tree,” the second chapter of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex arc.

The chapter picks up right where Chapter 81 left off, with Boruto making a dramatic entrance by delivering a powerful kick to Code’s face. This electrifying moment sets the stage for a showdown that fans have been eagerly awaiting. As Boruto enters the scene, Kawaki senses his presence and rushes towards the village, causing the entire area to erupt in chaos. The previous chapter concluded with Code, Kawaki, and Boruto facing each other, poised for an intense battle.

Boruto Chapter 82: Boruto’s Ultimatum

Boruto Chapter 82 begins with a tense interaction between Boruto and Code. In a daring move, Boruto offers Code a choice – retreat and take his army with him, and Boruto will spare his life. However, Boruto makes it clear that he won’t hesitate to take Code down if he refuses. This bold ultimatum showcases the young lord’s determination and resolve.

Boruto and Sarada’s Conversation

While the situation escalates, Boruto and Sarada share a brief moment. Sarada inquires about Boruto’s well-being, but his response is cryptic. He assures her that they’ll have time to talk later, emphasizing the urgency of saving those who couldn’t escape the impending danger. This exchange is notable for its lack of eye contact between the two characters, hinting at underlying tensions and concerns.

The Mysterious Power of the Ten Tails

One of the most intriguing aspects of Chapter 82 is Boruto’s mention of the Ten Tails. He hints that he knows something about it that Code doesn’t. Boruto advises Code to take him to the Ten Tails, suggesting that Code doesn’t truly understand the horrifying power of this ancient creature. This revelation raises numerous questions about what Boruto has learned and how it might impact the unfolding events.

Code’s Army Threatens the Village

As the plot thickens, Code’s formidable army launches an attack on the entire village. Readers are treated to action-packed scenes featuring Inojin, Shikadai, ChoCho, and Kawaki as they stand united against Code’s relentless forces. The village’s survival hangs in the balance as the battle intensifies.

Boruto’s New Rasengan

In the final two pages of the chapter, Boruto unleashes a brand-new type of Rasengan, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. The side text tantalizingly teases, “Alienated and hunted by his hometown…What new ‘power’ did Boruto gain on the other side of the world..!?” This unexpected development promises to add even more depth to the story and Boruto’s character.

How to Read Boruto Chapter 82

Fans eager to experience the full excitement of Boruto Chapter 82 can read it directly on the official site of their primary distributor, Viz Media, and on the Manga Plus app with English translations upon its official release.

Boruto Chapter 82 is shaping up to be an explosive installment in the Boruto series, with tantalizing hints about the Ten Tails, a high-stakes battle, and the revelation of Boruto’s new power. As the Boruto saga continues to captivate readers, the mysteries surrounding these characters and their world only deepen. Stay tuned for the official release on September 21, 2023, to witness the unfolding of this thrilling chapter in the next generation of ninja adventures.

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