One Piece Episode 1070: Why Was Kaido So Angry?

One Piece Episode 1070

One Piece Episode 1070 was the calm before the storm (Gear 5), and yet it didn’t feel like it. There was so much emotion: the hopelessness of the samurai, the cries of the Strawhats and Nami, and the fury of Kaido.

Luffy, who seemed to get up after being hit every time, was finally down. So why was Kaido so angry? To understand why, you need to know Kaido’s past.

The King of the Beasts, the man known as the strongest living creature, is Kaido. He has tried taking his life multiple times, but he just cannot seem to die. His neck broke the guillotine that was meant to execute him.

He jumped from an island hundreds of kilometers in the air, but the impact had no effect on his sturdy body. He tried countless other techniques, but all to no avail.

As an Emperor of The Sea, there is barely anyone who can match his strength. Island after island, there was no one to stop his rampage. You can imagine his shock when a 19-year-old boy declared war on him in Fishman Island.

Pirates and navy alike shake at the mention of Kaido, but a teenager was brave enough to provoke him. He even took his island and made it his own.

Kaido is at the peak of strength, and as such, it’s so hard to find someone who matches him in power. That’s why he was so angry when Guernica interfered in the fight between him and Luffy.

Luffy was going blow for blow with Kaido, and he was having the time of his life. They both put their all into a final attack, but Luffy couldn’t land it because of Guernica.

It’s very rare that someone would seek revenge for someone who badly injured him and was in a life or death battle with. Kaido did exactly that. His face of horror quickly turned to anger, and he put his all into a swing onto Guernica, shattering the ceiling below him.

Frustrated at the lack of a worthy opponent, Kaido snapped out of his drunk state and got back to the main mission: subjugating the Land Of Wano and all its inhabitants.

The fun’s not over for Kaido, however, as Luffy is not down yet. In fact, he’s coming back stronger than ever, and it’s safe to say that Kaido will have his most enjoyable and deadly fight.

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