Where To Watch Attack on Titan Final Episode

Where To Watch Attack on Titan Final Episode

The highly anticipated final episode of the globally acclaimed anime series, Attack on Titan, is set to air today, marking the culmination of a decade-long journey for fans. As viewers eagerly await the conclusion, questions arise about where and when they can watch Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Episode 2.

In Japan, where the series originated, fans have multiple streaming options at their disposal. The official platforms for watching the final episode include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Bilibili, and IQiYI, ensuring a plethora of choices for Japanese enthusiasts.

However, the situation for international fans is more complex. The global release of Attack on Titan season 4 final episode varies by region and platform, leaving many eager viewers curious about their access.

Crunchyroll’s Worldwide Offering

For a significant portion of the world, Crunchyroll emerges as the savior. The popular streaming service has confirmed that the final episode will be accessible to its subscribers. It is crucial to note that a Crunchyroll subscription is required to access the content.

The territories covered by Crunchyroll’s release are extensive, encompassing North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, CIS, and Southeast Asia. Release dates vary, with November 4 set for North, Central, and South America, and November 5 for Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, there is a notable 9-hour delay between the Japanese broadcast and Crunchyroll’s release. International fans can tune in at 5:00 pm Pacific Time or 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

Hulu’s Offering for USA Viewers

Fans in the United States can breathe a sigh of relief, as Hulu has also secured the rights to air the final episode. The streaming platform previously streamed the series and will continue to do so for the grand finale.

Netflix’s Limited Territories

At this juncture, Netflix’s stance on a worldwide release remains unconfirmed. However, it has been confirmed that the final episode will be available on Netflix in specific regions, including Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. These are the only territories with confirmed access to the series at this time. Fans in other regions will need to stay tuned for any further updates.

As for other streaming platforms, Disney+ will not be offering the final episode, nor will it be available on HIDIVE or Muse Asia.

In summary, the release of the Attack on Titan final episode is an event drawing the attention of fans across the globe. The available streaming platforms and regional access make it imperative for viewers to double-check the release dates and locations to ensure they don’t miss the grand conclusion of this iconic anime series.

After a ten-year journey filled with intrigue and excitement, fans can finally savor the dramatic climax as the series wraps up a story that has captivated audiences worldwide. Enjoy the grand finale and brace for a conclusion that promises to be nothing short of epic.

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