Boruto Chapter 85: Release Date, Recap, and Anticipated Developments

Boruto Chapter 85

The post-time skip narrative of Boruto has taken a thrilling turn, leaving fans on the edge of their seats with unexpected twists and revelations. From the sealing of Naruto and Hinata to Boruto’s departure from the village and the shocking transformation of Sasuke into a tree, the Boruto manga has been nothing short of surprising.

As the story unfolds, the anticipation among Boruto enthusiasts continues to build, with Chapter 5 of “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” generating considerable excitement. This article delves into the key details surrounding the Boruto chapter 85, including its release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and speculative predictions.

Boruto Chapter 85 Release Date

Mark your calendars, as Boruto Chapter 85 is set to be released on December 20, 2023. Fans worldwide can access the chapter through the official Viz Media website or the Manga Plus app, complete with English translations upon its official release.

Boruto Chapter 84 Recap

In Chapter 84, Boruto faces a new adversary after using the Flying Thunder God Technique to locate the elusive Ten Tails. The unexpected disappearance of the Ten Tails leads to a confrontation with a formidable enemy, distinct from Code’s expectations.

The chapter unfolds with intense battles, a surprising escape by Boruto using the Flying Thunder God Technique, and the emergence of intriguing new enemies.

The Hokage’s office becomes a battleground of conflicting ideologies as Kawaki and Sarada clash over Boruto’s actions. Sarada asserts her determination to resist Kawaki’s control over Konoha, setting the stage for deeper tensions within the village.

As Boruto grapples with powerful adversaries, a desperate plea for Code’s assistance goes unanswered, leaving him to face the new enemies alone. The enemies reveal an awakened ego and an insatiable curiosity for knowledge.

The chapter concludes with a shocking twist as Sasuke is revealed to have turned into a tree, leaving Boruto with a cryptic apology and a plan to save his uncle in the future.

Fans express satisfaction with the introduction of four new characters, who appear to pose a greater threat than Code. The utilization of the Flying Thunder God Technique by Boruto, though expected, adds a layer of disbelief and excitement to the unfolding events. Kashin Koji’s return is met with enthusiasm from the fanbase.

Unanswered Questions and Fan Speculations

With the narrative taking unexpected turns, fans are left with burning questions, including the mysterious circumstances of Sasuke turning into a tree. The three-year time skip raises queries about developments during this period and the potential role of Kashin Koji in Boruto’s training.

Curiosity surrounds the identity and purpose of the four new enemies, with speculations about the possibility of one being Sasuke’s clone with a new Rinnegan and an evil agenda. Fans also ponder why Boruto didn’t utilize his Karma power during the recent battle.

The upcoming Boruto Chapter 85 holds the promise of addressing these questions and providing further insights into the evolving Boruto storyline.

Where to Read “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex”

Upon its official release, Boruto Chapter 85 will be available for reading on the official Viz Media website and the Manga Plus app, complete with English translations. Boruto, a Japanese manga series, is a collaborative creation of Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto, with Mikio Ikemoto serving as the illustrator.

The series began monthly serialization as “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” featuring Kodachi as the writer and Kishimoto as the editorial supervisor.

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