Exploring the Epic World of ‘Phoenix: Eden17’ – Osamu Tezuka’s Timeless Legacy Continues

Phoenix is one of the most distinguished and extensively expanded works by the legendary mangaka and father of anime, Osamu Tezuka, alongside his notable creations like Astro Boy and Princess Knight. Created in the 1950s, it is notable for its complex subjects as well as its vast breadth. Rather than telling a single plot, Phoenix tells a series of self-contained stories set throughout history, from the Stone Age to the far future.

The title ‘Phoenix,’ the mythological firebird supposed to provide perpetual life, connects all of the stories. While the stories vary in genre and tone, they all address similar themes such as immortality, rebirth, reincarnation, and what it means to be human.

Phoenix: Eden17 Key Visual
Phoenix: Eden17 Key Visual (credit: Disney+)

“Phoenix: Eden17,” an anime adaptation based on the manga, was announced by Studio 4°C. It will be the fourth anime series adaptation of Tezuka’s manga, following “Phoenix: Yamato/Space Chapter” in 1987, “Phoenix” in 2004, and “Phoenix: Dougo Onsen Chapter” in 2019. In addition, the manga has been turned into three anime films: “Phoenix 2772” (1980), “Phoenix: Karma Chapter” (1986), and “Phoenix: A Robe of Feathers” (2004), as well as a 1978 live-action film, “Hi no Tori,” in which Astro Boy makes a brief appearance.

Phoenix: Eden17 Release date

All four episodes of “Phoenix: Eden17” will be available exclusively on Disney+ on September 13th, according to Disney+ Japan. “Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower,” a film version with a different conclusion, is also set to be released in Japan on November 3, 2023.

On its official YouTube channel, the studio unveiled fresh key visuals, stills, and a teaser. The English boy group Libera will perform the closing theme song, “Eien no Kizuna” (Eternal Bonds).

Phoenix: Eden17 Staff and Cast Members

Studio 4°C spared no expense in adapting the timeless masterpiece of Osamu Tezuka, assembling a talented group of staff and cast members to handle production. Shōjirō Nishimi, known for works such as “Mutafukaz” and “Batman: Gotham Knight,” directed the animation. Katsunari Mano and Saku Konohana wrote the screenplay. Tatsuzou Nishida is the character designer and primary animation director, and Shinji Kimura is in charge of the art direction.

Voice Actor/ActressCharacters
Honoka YoshidaCom
Issey OgataSudarban
Rie MiyazawaRomi
Yosuke KubozawaGeorge
Ryohei KimuraCain
Shintaro AsanumaMakimura
Japanese dub of Phoenix:17

Phoenix: Eden17 Plot

The Nostalgia arc, first published in 1976–1978 as the eighth of twelve volumes of the manga series, will be adapted, beginning with Romi’s struggles following the tragic death of her lover, George, and her vow to protect their child. The plot will revolve around Romi and her companion’s experiences in the distant future as they seek refuge on the faraway planet Eden17 after Earth has become uninhabitable. Life on Eden17, however, turns out to be far harsher, with all native life forms now extinct.

Romi’s solitude leads her to become the queen of Eden in the manga, but her love for Earth persists. The plot takes a twist when a young Eden child named Com discovers a rock-built spaceship hidden deep in the mountains. Romi and Com resolve to return to Earth together.

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