Spy x Family Season 2 and Movie Set to Premiere in Fall 2023, Confirms WIT Studio Co-Founder Nakatake Tetsuya

Fans of the popular anime series “Spy x Family” are in for a treat as the series is set to receive both a second season and an original movie, both of which are slated for release in 2023. This exciting news was confirmed by WIT Studio co-founder, Nakatake Tetsuya, who recently spoke at the 2023 Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival.

spy x family season 2
Spy x Family Anime

Tetsuya stated that the production team is working hard on both the movie and spy x family season 2 and that they hope to release both in the Fall 2023 season. This is sure to be welcome news for fans who have eagerly been waiting for more “Spy x Family” content.

The announcement of a Spy x Family Season 2 and a new movie was first made at the Jump Festa 2023 event held on December 18, 2022. A special announcement video was then released on December 24, 2022, following the premiere of the final episode of season 1.

Spy x Family Season 2 Trailer (Announcement)

Fans are beyond excited for the upcoming release of both the second season and movie, with many expressing their excitement on social media. Some fans have expressed concern about the production team potentially overworking themselves, but Tetsuya’s comments suggest that everything is on track and moving forward smoothly.

The “Spy x Family” anime has been a huge success since its debut, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of more content. With the news that both a second season and movie are on the way, it is clear that the series is only growing in popularity.

In conclusion, “Spy x Family” fans can look forward to a double dose of excitement in the Fall 2023 season, as the second season and movie are set to be released. With the production team working hard to bring fans more of this exciting and unique anime, it is sure to be a fall season to remember.

(Source: Spy x Family Official Website and Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival)

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