The Apothecary Diaries Episode 13 Not Releasing Today, 2nd Cour Announced

The Apothecary Diaries Episode 13

In a much-anticipated announcement, fans of the anime “The Apothecary Diaries” were eagerly awaiting the release of The Apothecary Diaries Episode 13 today. However, to the disappointment of many, it has been confirmed that there won’t be a new episode airing as expected.

The anime, which recently concluded its first cour with the thrilling Episode 12 last week, is following a carefully planned schedule. As previously disclosed, the first season of “The Apothecary Diaries” is set to comprise a total of 24 episodes, strategically divided into two parts.

Fans can take solace in the fact that the details of the second part, including the release date, theme songs, and an enticing new trailer, have already been unveiled. The 1 minute and 54 seconds long trailer can be viewed on Toho Animation’s official YouTube channel.

The second cour, commencing with The Apothecary Diaries Episode 13, is slated to kick off its broadcast on January 6, 2024. Notably, there will only be a one-week break between the conclusion of the first part and the commencement of the second part. This means that enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the much-anticipated new episode premiering next Saturday on January 6th.

The musical landscape of the second part will be adorned with the opening song titled “Ambivalent,” a creation of the talented artist Uru. Wacci will lend their musical prowess to the ending song titled “Ai wa Kusuri.” These additions promise to enhance the overall experience of the anime.

Taking a moment to reflect on the success of the first part of the season, it has garnered positive reviews for its faithful adaptation of the first volume of the light novel. Excitement is building among fans as the upcoming second part is set to delve into the pages of light novel volume 2.

In addition to the news about “The Apothecary Diaries,” it’s essential to note that several other ongoing anime series will also be on a brief hiatus this week due to the New Year holiday. Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated on all the latest developments in the world of anime.

Source: The Apothecary Diaries Official Website

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