Studio Pierrot Considers Seasonal Format for “Boruto Part 2” Anime

Boruto Part 2

Studio Pierrot, the production studio behind the hit anime series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” is reportedly contemplating a significant change in the show’s format. In a recent interview, the president of Studio Pierrot hinted at the possibility of transitioning “Boruto” into a seasonal series.

While no official confirmation has been made regarding this shift, the president’s remarks suggest a strong interest in experimenting with a new format inspired by the success of other seasonal anime like “Demon Slayer.”

The potential move to a seasonal format is motivated by a desire to enhance animation quality and pacing, addressing concerns raised by fans about inconsistent animation and filler content in past episodes. By adopting a seasonal approach, Studio Pierrot aims to deliver a more focused narrative aligned with the pacing of the manga counterpart, “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.”

However, the proposed change raises questions about the impact on the viewing experience, including longer wait times between seasons and fewer episodes per year. Despite these concerns, many fans remain optimistic about the prospect of improved quality and storytelling in future episodes of “Boruto.”

As discussions continue within Studio Pierrot, fans eagerly await further updates on the future format of the beloved anime series.

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