Tokyo Revengers Season 4: Will It happen? Release Date Prediction, Source Material, and More

Tokyo Revengers Season 4

Recently, Tokyo Revengers fans bid farewell to Season 3 with the airing of its 13th episode. Notably, this episode marked the conclusion of the current season, leaving enthusiasts eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for the beloved anime series.

The final episode of Season 3 held particular importance as it brought closure to one of the main arcs of the Tokyo Revengers series. Studio LIDENFILMS received praise for their commendable efforts in bringing this pivotal arc to life, establishing Season 3 as one of the standout chapters in the anime’s journey.

No Official Announcement Yet for “Tokyo Revengers Season 4”

The burning question on every fan’s mind is the possibility of a Tokyo Revengers Season 4. Unfortunately, no official confirmation followed the Season 3 finale, in stark contrast to the immediate announcement that accompanied the conclusion of Season 2. This absence of news raises concerns among fans about the future of Tokyo Revengers.

Will “Tokyo Revengers” Get a Season 4?

While the lack of Season 4 confirmation is disheartening, there is a silver lining. Tokyo Revengers draws its narrative from the manga series authored by Ken Wakui. The manga concluded in 2022 with 31 volumes and 278 chapters. The anime has, thus far, covered material up to Chapter 185 of Volume 21, leaving an abundance of source material for potential new seasons

For those unfamiliar with the manga, there are still two arcs left to be adapted—the Boten Arc and the Final Arc. The Final Arc itself is subdivided into the Three Deities Arc and the Kanto Manji Arc. This reveals a rich reservoir of untapped storytelling waiting to be explored.

Tokyo Revengers has firmly established itself as one of the most popular series in recent years. In 2022, it secured the second spot in Japan’s manga sales charts. Even with the manga’s conclusion in 2022, it continues to hold a position in the top 10 best-selling manga this year according to Oricon. The series’ immense popularity and the wealth of available source material increase the likelihood of Season 4.

Movie Adaptation: A Contemplation

Considering the popularity of Tokyo Revengers, there is speculation about the potential for a movie adaptation. With the manga’s conclusion and only three arcs remaining, a movie could serve as an effective means to wrap up the series. The “Boten” arc, spanning from Chapter 186 to Chapter 206, is relatively short at 21 chapters, making it a plausible candidate for a movie adaptation.

Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Release Date

As of now, no official announcements have been made regarding Tokyo Revengers Season 4 or a potential movie adaptation. Drawing parallels with previous seasons, if the creators follow a similar pattern and announce Season 4 in the coming months, fans might expect a release date in early 2025. However, the timeline remains uncertain, and whether it will be a new season or a movie is still a lingering question.

For those eagerly awaiting updates, checking official sources remains crucial. As of now, there are no scheduled upcoming events. However, any news regarding events or official announcements will likely be the key to learning about the future of Tokyo Revengers.


In conclusion, the fate of Tokyo Revengers hangs in the balance. While Tokyo Revengers Season 4 is not confirmed, the ample source material and the series’ continued popularity provide hope for a continuation.

Whether it’s a new season or a movie, fans will have to stay tuned for official announcements. Until then, the Tokyo Revengers community remains in anticipation, hoping for news that will shed light on the next chapter of this beloved anime series.

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