Abe Shinzo Monogatari: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Life Gets Manga Adaptation

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s life is set to receive a unique tribute with the upcoming release of a manga adaptation. Titled “Abe Shinzo Monogatari” and created by TEAM ABE, this manga is scheduled to hit the shelves in Japan on October 1, 2023.

The announcement has sparked surprise and curiosity within the manga community, as readers are uncertain about the direction the adaptation will take. Will it focus solely on Abe’s personal life, or will it delve into his political career?

Critics of the project argue that a manga adaptation of Abe’s life may overshadow his controversial actions and alleged falsehoods. However, the conservative publishing company Asuka Shinsha, responsible for the manga’s production, aims to shed light on the life story of the former prime minister, who served as Japan’s leader from 2006 to 2007 and again from 2012 to 2020.

The preview image for “Abe Shinzo Monogatari” portrays a young Shinzo Abe holding hands with his grandfather, Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke. Interestingly, the image bears a striking resemblance to a 1957 photograph of the Abe family visiting Hakone, adding an intriguing layer of historical authenticity to the manga.

Shinzo Abe’s political career was marked by significant achievements, such as his “Abenomics” policy aimed at revitalizing the Japanese economy. However, he was not without his fair share of controversies. Critics point to his handling of various scandals, including allegations of cronyism and a perceived lack of transparency.

Tragically, Shinzo Abe’s life was cut short when he was assassinated on July 8, 2022, while speaking at a political event outside Yamato-Saidaiji Station in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, Japan. His untimely death shocked the nation and left a void in Japanese politics.

As the release of “Abe Shinzo Monogatari” draws closer, the manga community eagerly awaits the opportunity to explore the life and legacy of this influential figure. Will the manga present a balanced perspective on Abe’s tenure as prime minister, or will it take a more idealized approach? Only time will tell as readers prepare to embark on a journey through the 67 years of Shinzo Abe’s life.

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